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Areas of Practice

The Knight Moore Law Firm focuses on several very specialized areas of law. Our goal is to successfully recover financial rewards for our clients. Our job is to see the case through, from start to finish, and to help our clients understand their legal rights.

Civil Litigation - State and Federal

Civil litigation is a non-criminal case when two parties or businesses have a controversy and one of the parties sues the other. The party suing the other must have a reason in law to take action against the other party and typically request either money or performance from the other party. These matters can be related to wrongful death or personal injury. They can also be related to business transactions, contracts, or other damages that one party causes to the other. These matters can be filed in State Court or Federal Court if they meet the Federal Court filing guidelines. The person who brings the action is called the Plaintiff and the person who is defending or objecting to the action is called the Defendant. Knight Moore has extensive experience in civil litigation and has successfully tried cases in both State and Federal Court to their conclusion for our clients.

It is important when you believe that you have a case that you should bring against someone, or when someone brings a case against you, that you promptly notify an attorney to consider what the appropriate action is to take in the proper Court.

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Business transactions and Commercial Law

Our firm can handle your business transactions and practices in the area of commercial law. Typically, business transactions are the buying or selling of a business or real estate and commercial transactions and commercial law is dealing with various laws that involve the transferring or purchasing of a business or issues that involve businesses. It is important to retain an attorney in most of these matters as they are very complex and require a great deal of expertise.

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Estate Administration

When somebody dies there is a process by which their assets must be valued, their bills paid, and after all bills are paid, that their assets are transferred to the persons that they name in their Last Will and Testament, or that the law of the state in which they reside dictates. Whether there is a Last Will and Testament or not, the Probate Court in the County in which the decedent resides, controls the administration of the decedent's estate. If the person dies with all of his or her assets in trust, then that is a different set of rules. Most estates cannot be administered by the lay person and must retain an attorney to assist the Administrator or Executor in the Estate.

Knight Moore has over thirty years experience in the estate administration and will help you with the prompt, efficient and cost effective administration of your loved one's estate.

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Probate, Wills and Trusts

Probate is the process where someone with a Will dies and the Will is the map for where the assets of the deceased person will go after the payment of all the bills and expenses of probate. The Probate Court in the county in which the decedent lived has the jurisdiction to supervise the gathering of assets, payment of bills, and distribution of what is left to the lawful heirs of the decedent or the person or persons named in the Last Will and Testament of the decedent.

If the person has a Trust instead of a Will, then the terms of that Trust would apply and the Trustee, who is the head person administering the Trust, would then gather the assets, pay all outstanding bills and expenses, and then distribute the assets per the terms of the Trust. Administering a Trust is very complex and Knight Moore Law Firm has extensive experience in assisting clients in that administration.

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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law

When you or a loved one is injured or suffers death because of the wrongdoing of another, it is important to seek reimbursement from that person for any medical bills and pain and suffering that you experienced. Often times insurance coverage is available to compensate you for your injuries or loss; however, the insurance adjusters are not looking out for your best interests. It is important to contact an attorney prior to signing any document from an insurance adjuster.

Our firm is highly experienced in assisting individuals recover financial awards for injuries to themselves or injuries resulting in the death of a family member. We know how to deal with the courts and insurance companies and will work for you to get the compensation you deserve.

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Criminal and Traffic Law

Often times individuals are accused of crimes but do not know what to do. It can be embarrassing and frightening to stand before a judge and not know your rights. That is why we want to stand with you. People sometimes make mistakes but so do police and prosecutors, so it is important to have attorneys with you that will never be intimidated and always look out for you. Remember the prosecutor and police do not have your best interests in mind, and it is important to choose an advocate that knows the law and the system.

Whether accused of committing a felony or just getting a speeding ticket, our firm is dedicated to vigorously representing our clients' rights in court. We know what to do and we will never let you stand alone.

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Landlord and Tenant Law

Landlord and Tenant Law is a much more specialized field than commonly believed. Whether you are a renter or a landlord, it is often crucial to have an attorney present that knows what action to take. Many landlords and tenants have made the mistake of entering court sure that they had acted properly, only to find that they did not understand the law or had missed a deadline that may have permitted them to recover money.

Our attorneys have represented both renters and landlords in civil suits to recover for damage to property, lost deposits and evictions. We know the law and will use it to help you.

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Appellate Practice

It is sometimes necessary to challenge the ruling of a lower court. This is done by filing an appeal with a higher court. It is important to act quickly in such circumstances because the right to appeal a judge's decision may be lost if not acted upon promptly.

Our attorneys are experienced in civil and criminal appeals. We will act quickly to preserve your rights and work diligently to overturn the offending order.

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